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Easily find your next healthcare provider.

Doctorly is a website where users can search for healthcare providers, schedule appointments, and chat with healthcare facilities.

Project Summary

Telehealth and the usage of related tools has increased signficiantly since 2020. With this rise in tools, users are able to find healthcare providers that fit their needs. Healthcare can be difficult and stressful for patients to navigate. There are various obstacles that patients may have to deal with, but simply finding a healthcare provider shouldn't be one of them.

Problem: Patients find it difficult and time-consuming to discover in-network doctors, get necessary information like services and cost, and schedule an appointment on their own time. 

Solution: Doctorly makes it easy for patients to discover healthcare providers, schedule appointments online, and communicate directly with the health office to get the necessary information. Using the appointment cost calculator, users can enter their insurance information to see if a doctor or service is in their price range.

• Research: 2 weeks
• Define: 1.5 weeks
• Design: 2 weeks
• Prototype & Test: 1 week
• UX Researcher
• UX/UI Designer
• Figma
• FigJam
• Optimal Workshop
• Maze

Key Solutions

Live chat | Availability calendar  | Cost calculator

Looking for an overview of the key solutions and final wireframes? Look no further! Click through to see the wireframes and brief explanation of the solutions.

Wondering how I arrived at these solutions? Continue reading!