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New Day

Keep track of your daily life.

New Day is a bullet journal mobile app for users to journal, track their mood, health, habits, view mood data, and more.

Project Summary

The focus of this project was to create a lifestyle app. Some initial research showed that the most popular lifestyle apps include habit trackers, daily affirmations, and journals. If all of those concepts were combined into one app, it would be a bullet journal app. Bullet journals are a personal organization method used to keep track of different areas of life in a creative way. In a preliminary survey, 91% of users said they would be interested in using a bullet journal app.

Problem: Physical bullet journaling is time-consuming and inconvenient, and other personal organization apps are either too overwhelming or not customizable enough. 

Solution: New Day offers the convenience of digital journaling, habit tracking, and personal organization in one app. Users can customize what they want to track and what features they have, so the app is exactly what they need without being overwhelming.

• Research: 1.5 weeks
• Define: 1 week
• Design: 1 week
• Prototype & Test: 1 week
• UX Researcher
• UX/UI Designer
• Figma
• FigJam
• Optimal Workshop
• Useberry
• Maze

Key Solutions

Choose tracking items | Easy access tracking  | Mood data

Looking for an overview of the key solutions and final wireframes? Look no further! Click through to see the wireframes and brief explanation of the solutions.

Wondering how I arrived at these solutions? Continue reading!