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Virgin Voyages

Explore a new cruise-booking process.

Virgin Voyage's cruise-booking process gets a refresh.

Project Summary

Virgin Voyages is an adults-only cruise line that sails to various destinations around the globe. The focus of this project was to reimagine a set of flows for Virgin Voyage’s website. I was asked to deliver the stakeholders a minimum-viable product within a set time period. 

Problem: Users struggle to remember the details of cruises when looking at various options and they want to choose their cabin location when booking a cruise.

Solution: Virgin Voyage's reimagined flows allow users to compare up to 4 cruises side-by-side and give them the option to choose their cabin location or be automatically assigned a location when booking.

• Research: 2 weeks
• Define: 1.5 weeks
• Design: 1.5 weeks
• Prototype & Test: 1 week
• UX Researcher
• UX/UI Designer
• Figma
• FigJam
• Useberry

Key Solutions

Detailed itinerary | Compare cruises  | Select cabin location

Looking for an overview of the key solutions and final wireframes? Look no further! Click through to see the wireframes and brief explanation of the solutions.

Wondering how I arrived at these solutions? Continue reading!