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YouTube Education

Take courses for free on YouTube.

YouTube Education is a new educational feature for YouTube where users can take a wide variety of courses. 

Project Summary

Online learning has grown to be very popular, and a Pew Research Center study found that 51% of people use YouTube to learn new things. YouTube would like to expand its business, retain users, and reach new users by adding a learning community.

In this project, I conducted research and created the flows and screens for YouTube’s new learning feature called YouTube Education. According to Statista, 63% of users use YouTube on a mobile device, so this design was for the app.

Problem: Most online learning communities have a price tag that makes them inaccessible to many people, and it can be difficult to learn linearly on YouTube with videos showing up in random orders.

Solution: With YouTube Education, users can access courses for free through their YouTube account, and the courses are created in order, so it's always clear which lesson is next.

• Research: 2.5 weeks
• Define: 1 week
• Design: 1.5 weeks
• Prototype & Test: 2 weeks
• UX Researcher
• UX/UI Designer
• Figma
• FigJam
• Optimal Workshop
• Useberry
• Maze

Key Solutions

Course cards information | Course progress  | Optional quizzes

Looking for an overview of the key solutions and final wireframes? Look no further! Click through to see the wireframes and brief explanation of the solutions.

Wondering how I arrived at these solutions? Continue reading!